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Back in Action

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

daffodilsresizedIt feels like home to be among the folks at Focus on the Family here in Colorado Springs! They welcomed us back with lots of new projects and challenges. And we couldn’t do it without our friends, Wally and Pam Hasbrouck opening up their house for a WHOLE MONTH! Can you imagine house guests for that long?

So far, Steve is deeply entrenched  in creating spread sheets for all broadcasts in the archives. I am working in the Events Dept. recreating and organizing their decor. So far I have made over 120 silk arrangements in all four seasons. Tomorrow is a big banquet where I get to do fresh arrangements for 19 tables and the decorations for the hall. Monday I am teaching a floral class . Then back to the bookstore to  price incoming inventory. We love the variety, the other local volunteers, and the knowledge that we are doing jobs that get left behind because of the day to day hassles.

On the road again…

Tribute Trip

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

When making plans for this vacation, we couldn’t stop in Europe with out dropping in on Gail and Karl; they were even thinking of joining us on the continent for some travel.

So we locked in two weeks with them. Gail has the flower shop over here and has frequently helped me in my shop over the last 7 or 8 years when she has come for extended stays in the states.

But Gail died in her sleep the day before Easter and we are here and she isn’t. I can’t begin to tell you how such a vibrant, dynamic friend has left a hole in the lives of those who knew and loved her, as well as the entire town of Barnoldswick.

To be with her family and friends as well as staying in her home and sharing memories is special but difficult, healing but bittersweet. And the only response I know of when someone dear is gone to soon, is to live a bigger life and try to embody some of their passions.  We miss you, sweet friend.

Why Are We In A Place Called Venlo?

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Venlo is the location for the once-a-decade flower show in the Netherlands. It’s a really big deal! It is very close to the German border and over two hours by train from Amsterdam. I am very glad I don’t have to understand flowers and their language to enjoy the Floriade, but for everything else, well it’s Dutch (and greek) to me.  We are enjoying the show, but finding the language hard to decipher.

When I am in a foreign country I like to visit their “grocery” store and see what is on their shelves and prices etc (Nothing can compare to our produce!).  Well I picked up a great water bottle last night. Got back to the room and quickly poured a cup of replica rolex the refreshing…vinegar!! It was even  near the bottled watered. I guess getting on the right bus is more important than understanding all the labels. It looked like water, really!

Barnoldswick, UK

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

andy is jealous because of this pictureThe most pleasant of English country towns you will ever find! The Kallas’ and the Morales’ dropped in on friends, Gail and Karl, and cousins Carol and Chris…friends and family!

Picture rolling lush green hills, dotted with fluffy sheep and frolicking lambs, stack stone fences and corner pubs, steak and kidney pie, and puddings, pints and pubs. “oh to be in England, now that spring is here (name that author).”

Daffodils line every lane and drizzle freshens each morning.  Tho’ we still bundle up as it’s in the 40’s and 50’s, inside it is cozy and the aromas of Karls cooking warms the soul.

Hoping to help Gail during her (English) Mothers’ Day rush,we found we were of most help staying out of her way in the teeny flower shop. Steve was a “runner” for some deliveries  but we depended on Karl to show us more of his neck of the woods.

The Notorious Flower

Friday, June 12th, 2009

edelweissThis is the real Edelweiss.  It is a tundra flower that grows above 9000 feet and is not the national flower of Austria.  In fact no one really paid attention to it until Rogers and Hammerstein wrote a song about it!

Mother’s Day

Monday, May 11th, 2009

jeffcarolynportoWe celebrated Jeff and Carolyn Serfass arriving from Washington D.C.  They have joined us in the celebration of Mothers Day and Steve’s Birthday.

Walks, wine, Siena, Buonconvento and more good pasta all enjoyed with awesome weather.  This is the first Mothers Day with no flower shop in 20 years (and we could celebrate Steve’s birthday without him being on delivery).

I was a good girl and did not volunteer at the local flower shop, tho’ the owner is a delight!


On The Road Again (Via Water)

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
The Road Through Kiel

The Road Through Kiel


All-AboardWe left the Volvo dealership with only 5 miles to drive to arrive at the ship and we still got lost! We drove the car up the ramp, hopped out and went to our stateroom for a 13 hour boat trip from Gothenburg (gyoatbuhrg) Sweden to Kiel, Germany.

Once in Germany, “Lucy” had a great deal of difficulty getting used to Europe.  But we eventually found our Bed & Breakfast in Keukenhof, Netherlands and will be staying here for the next 2 days.

But let me tell you about the Autobahn…it’s raining, new car, new country, and the speed limit is 120!  We stayed to the right at a respectful 70 mph. That was fine, until 2 Smart cars passed us (we didnt count the Citroens and Mini Coopers).  We found the replica  of  “Noah’s Ark” in Dracken, and are near the flower fields which we will keep for tomorrow’s adventures.

It’s been a difficult day with being lost and everything in German or now Dutch.  Marriage is a daily commitment…we will try again tomorrow.

Barnoldswick “the Flower Shop”

Saturday, March 14th, 2009


Reunion time for Gail and Debbie as we see her on the other side of the pond. In the small, quaint village of Barnoldswick in the county of Lancashire is the beacon of the town…all the color and joy that flowers can bring are located here in Gail’s shop. She is ably assisted by Melissa and we are gearing up for Mothers’ Day, March 22  . We are scheduled to be up at the crack of dawn the next few days to get prepared…a trip to Manchester early Sunday morning to pick up the first of the many flowers. I have been assigned a school order of 93 primulas to prepare, rolex replica watches and Steve is back sweeping!  (it is SO much fun when it isn’t my shop)