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West Point

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Another beautiful location for higher learning as well as military training.

We were privileged to stay on the hallowed grounds where the great soldiers of the past took their training and became truly legendary. Most of the generals of the Civil War came out of the early Classes of the 1820’s, including Robt.E.Lee. 

I was amazed how isolated this location on the Hudson is. Steve did have some angst being Navy (beat Army).

There is some damage from the hurricane, but mostly just blowing the autumn color off the trees.  A few beautiful scenes still lingered.

We Bein Charleston

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

carriagerideWhat a great and friendly city. The food is marvelous (had grits and fried green tomatoes at “Magnolias” last night, oh and some Pecan Pie too) Took a carriage ride around the old city pulled by mules…to get an overview of this place. The nice people at the visitor center helped us book a B&B “King George IV” ; a lovely room and parlor done  in red and black with lots of antiques and its own entrance. Today we took a boat out to Fort Sumter; the site of the first shots of the Civil War .We have really boned up on our southern history on this trip and have walked everywhere.   Currently, we await our turn at tropical storm “Ida” which is taking it’s time getting here…promising 2-4 inches of rain.