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Friday, April 3rd, 2009

thinksignAll is NOT glamorous in the world of travel, and we find that we either love or hate Lucy (our GPS with an attitude)!  If our guides tell us we will be driving for 3 hours, you can count on us needing 5.  She will take us to the most remote corner of anywhere and then lose her signal and just stop. 

With all the water in Holland, she didn’t know whether to have us travel on a road or canal.

In Monaco, she had no understanding  of what a one way street was (we spent an hour going 3 miles…round and round and round). 

And because she thinks she knows it all, if we ask to get out of Monaco and into Italy, rather than take the best road, she just takes us up and out and into the French Alps, whereas 2 miles out of our way would have given us a real road and not a cart path.

Now tomorrow  she has her last challenge for awhile: to get us to Montalcino from Pisa in the 3 hour drive time indicated…or she goes in the suitcase and I go buy a map.


Saturday, March 28th, 2009


bruggebridgeBrugge is the northern Venice.  It is a city of canals, very old homes, 21 churches, and tourists!

We ate Belgium waffles, Belgium chocolate, saw Belgium lace, and took a canal boat ride (sorry, no Brussel sprouts).  This country is divided in two halves; the Flemish side (they like the Dutch) and the French side (they don’t like the Dutch) and neither side likes each other.   But Brugge is awesome.

We traveled nearly 3 hours to get here, and when we arrived, it was like the bus let out…thousands of people on a chilly day?  It was great, and we didn’t fight!

Goin’ Dutch

Saturday, March 28th, 2009


So much water!

And sooooo many tulips!

And so many Bicycles.

This completely level country of canals is overrun with bikes as the major means of transportation.  The bike lanes are bigger than the car lanes and have the right of way. We are talking Millions!

We enjoyed a delightful B&B for 2 nights and crammed one full day with the Gardens and the Rijksmuseum.

This country definitely has personality.  It is definitely COLD and I am wearing 4 layers.windmill