Friday, May 27th, 2011

RUSSIA………….cold, and the people don’t smile, but that doesn’t mean they are not warm, caring people once you get to know them. They have nailed indoor heat with radiators and mounted pipes circulating warm water around the walls.God bless the dedicated Americans who work for Student Venture and Campus Crusade who live over there and try to make a difference in young people’s lives in a culture that can be replica watches depressing. Outside of the big cities it is a very impoverished country and boy does their food leave something to be desired.

ENGLAND….always feels like coming home to the Mother Country; where my ancestors walked and where having friends there is 
such a joy. Saw lots of green rolling hills and ruins, ate well and felt at home.

ITALY….now that IS home in many ways.  My heart has a large chunk living in Montalcino.  But got acquainted with Pavia and an amazing family there! Found that 3 wasn’t a crowd while traveling with Carol Patterson; a great traveling companion and so much more!

ISRAEL….new images to go with my Bible knowledge. Traveling with 100 people is a different experience too, and it was ok. We are definitely living in the end times as Matt. 24 comes to life around the world….like labor pains, closer together and more intense and really visible in Israel.  DONT give any of your land up…you should soon realize the consequences if you do.

TRAVEL in general…..slept for the first time on a plane…thank you Ambien! Those long flights are so fearful for me, but the destination it so worth it, I won’t let it stop me now. When you go with a “purpose” it is so much more rich and rewarding! The computer keeps you close and keeps the bills paid, and linked to friends. Praise God for a healthy trip and a return to hug grandbabies and sit and look out on my awesome view and reflect.  Thank you to the few who came along with me on this blog; it means a lot!!

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