Prague Prattle

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

DSC03136I enjoyed Prague!

It intimidated me at first, especially the report of there being so many pick pockets and it being a ‘dark’ city.’ I think I saw two as they scoped out different crowds…their shifty eyes always moving.

We saw a lot of history, ate some unique food, and appreciated that this is a country that has only been under their own rule since 1989. If it wasn’t the Hapsburgs, it was the Communists. They are exploring and venturing out in this freedom to explore their identity.

And what a musical city! Every night there are a dozen concerts to chose from. Mozart made Prague his home away from home.It has a beautiful castle on a hill overlooking a river that runs through the middle of town and a bridge that spans it for strolling and listening to street musicians.

The Old town is the center of everything including a 600 year old clock that tells you everything from the time, to tides, to phases of the moon. Multitudes gather there every approaching hour to watch it come alive.

The language is missing a lot of vowels but has dots, dashes, and squiggles to make up for it. Sign language is spoken here!

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