Panels In Dark Places

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Before coming to Malawi, I contacted  the Hospital Art Foundation. They are a great outfit that gets organizations to pay to paint canvases of various  subjects, usually as a team-building event.  Then they donate these paintings to hospitals. The color and vibrancy brings cheer to even the darkest corner of the Moyo Clinic.

This may have been our toughest task after getting them over here.  Hanging 6 panels, one inch apart, level, and above the folk sitting on benches waiting to see the doctors.

The Moyo Clinic sees 3600 people a MONTH, all of whom have AIDS or a complication of AIDS. And for FREE.  Even the medications are dispensed gratis thanks to the USA. These doctors are volunteers and missionaries who raise their own support in order to work long and hard, and not without some peril.

They are truly the Light in Dark Places.

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