Painting – With A Little Help From My Friends

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Well, we came here to be put to work.

Our first painting project was some art in the Takambe Youth Center on the grounds of the clinic. We were assigned 6 hand picked youth (18-21yrs) who we thought would take more ownership of the project if they were involved.

We prepped (sanded and scrubbed) the 2 large walls in two separate rooms, and have painted a lot and are about 85% done at this point. The kids are really into it and everyone seems pleased, so far. Our next project is awaiting glaze to be delivered from another city, and another is waiting for the clinic to do the base coat.

But I really wanted to brag on what we’ve done so far :).  Tomorrow I’ll show you the other room’s art work!

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