Mortality Cuts The String

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


Sharp Scissors!

There are certain birthdays that are landmarks, like when you turn 5 and start school, or 21 when you legally can do a lot of things, or the big 40 when you finally have to act your age. When I turned 60 I thought that was ‘old’ but I convinced myself to relax, that old didn’t arrive until you turned 65. THAT age was the gateway to ancient.

Gosh those 5 years went fast, and I am having a difficult time getting this birthday under my belt. So I’m venting!

I’m not happy with my face; it’s slipping into my neck. My hair is thinning and would rather grow on my chin than my head.

I can testify to ones earlobes and nose growing as I also continue to shrink in stature.

I pretend to hear most of what you said as long as I can read your lips.

My gym routine includes a ‘Balance’ class and I return the AARP cards that come in the mail with “Return to Sender”

Friends and family are getting bad diseases and passing away and wisdom leaves me when I don’t know what to say or how to be there for them. And I gasp when I hear how old someone is in the news, and then realize I’m older or only a few years away.

Granted, I’m EXTREMELY¬†blessed and usually cheerful, but this birthday stinks.

But I’m rambling…must be my age ūüôĀ


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