Mismatched Chairs

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

We have a lot of family moving in and moving out at this time in all of our lives. And at any one meal there are 2,4 and even 12 chairs around the table. Friends and friends of friends frequently join us and we sometimes are two rows deep because of highchairs. Some dear folk ask and bemoan how stressful it must all be. How disruptive? Messy? An imposition on this time in our retirement? My only angst is I long for a bigger table! When the gang assembles we round up all the chairs from all the rooms, and just like their occupants, they are a crazy quilt of styles and designs: directors chairs, oak antique chairs, needlepointed chairs, folding chairs, desk chairs! And all these unique faces, personalities, conversations are a wonder to behold , it makes you stand back and marvel. They are each a gift and so wonderfully different…just like the chair they sit in.

It may be Spring, but it’s Thanksgiving in my heart. xoxo

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