Lunch With The Staff

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

At the Moyo Clinic, a caterer brings in lunch for the staff , there are 106 when they are all there). We have been invited to partake in this pot luck line at noon, sharp (snooze you lose)!

We tried the staple of the country “nsima” a patty of mush that seems to take on the flavor of what it is served with, a gravy or such.  Steve thought it was a cream of wheat taste, but I thought it was definitely a thick wallpaper paste. Along with this was rice, beans, greenbeans and carrots and a chicken leg!

Thank heavens KC sent us with “sporks” (spoon/fork – spoon with tongs) because most just pinched it together with their hands, or tackled the larger pieces with a toothpick!

They have a little company store that sells bottled coke products and cookies and crackers.  A lot of carbs and no McDonalds in sight.

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