Hill Towns

Friday, April 8th, 2011

What a find Volterra was! We had a long ramble and a quick panini lunch and an awesome look at an enormous roman ampitheater.  Very impressive but as the town aged, it became roman baths , and then the town dump, because it was in a ravine…not to be rediscovered in the 1950’s.

Further on, we be in San Gimigiano. Gutsy (or stupid), we went into the TI (tourist information) and asked if they could book us a room. We rendezvoused with Eva, who took us in her car thru all sorts of back streets and up to the 3rd floor for a deeelightful apartment. Came with a garage a block away all for 75 Euros.  For all hill towns, you have to be a mountain goat, so I  strapped on my attractive knee braces and off we went!

We splurged on dinner at ” La Vecchia Mura” (the old view) where we ate on the terrace at the edge of Tuscany.  A local wine, tortellini con burro y salvia, a choc dessert, and nothing but twinkling lights and stars.

We even found our way back to our abode. (and found a couple cache…more on that soon!).

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