Sunday, March 15th, 2009

henryviiiGail has pulled out all the stops with our mad-cap visit to Lancashire. This was not your typical Sunday as we were priviledged to spend an hour with THE Henry the VIII. Our time together was an education in architecture, word origins, and the Church. Salmesbury Hall was the venue, which was preceeded by a trip to the flower market for M-Day flowers, and  ending with a late lunch at the BEST Pub ever! We had a delicious meal of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding…only equaled by my grandmother’s. Last night we looked up the 1911 Census for the area and “found” my grandmother, Marion Mc Nabb Fear, who was born only 70 miles from here in Baron in Furness. We ‘Googled-earthed” it and found the actual house still in service! This is where I feel my roots.

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