Easter ’09

Monday, April 13th, 2009

mirandajonpaulodebbie What a  delightful experience to meet fellow believers and serve together on Easter.   Miranda is the altar guild and has the churches cleaned and decorated and ready to go for the Father.  Then there is  Giovani, the jovial assistant that keeps Father Pernino on task, keeps the altar boys in line, and hands  you a small wrapped candy to sweeten the deal.   Miranda’s padreperninoson’ Gianpaulo helped by pointing to me when it was time to play.  He would listen to the service as it progressed and give me the nod when it was time for the Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus dei   etc, etc.   But this had been a small inroad into the community: a few friendly faces.  That was where I saw the Glory of God on Easter.

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