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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

swarkovskiIn Watten,Austria, just outside of Innsbruck, we found the headquarters and huge factories of Swarvoski Crystal!

They have a unique (weird) collection of art, as well as how their crystals were used in that art.  It is really too difficult to explain, but it does all end with an enormous gift shop!!!

Mr. Swarvoski created and patented in 1895,  the way to cut a perfect crystal; two years later he had a factory and 100 employees.  Well, I love Swarvoski Crystals, they are in my ears, on KC’s wedding dress and veil, and I think they are as pretty as diamonds without the worry.  But, they were first used in machinery, and for reflective markers on roads, optics in binoculars, and much, much more.

I still did alot of damage in the gift shop.

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