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Free Time

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Free time meant the privilege of NOT meeting our “mini group” until 10 am in the lobby. Heaven, and no bus!

We picked the Israeli Museum (boring). When I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls when they came to San Diego a year ago, I saw more scrolls then; everything today was a facsimile.

But we did find 2 caches and KC’s Jerusalem University campus from her senior year, and walk more miles than these knees should take.

Tomorrow – The DEAD SEA!

Over The Border

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Our buses were not allowed into Jericho. We had to transfer to Palestinian buses and drivers to see what we saw.  Can you imagine, we crossed a border with hugs and entered a  third world country of desert, filth, fear and hatred.  And it was in the middle of Israel???

Saw some digs for the Walls of Jericho, but it was just a pile of rocks (stupid) since the walls fell down and the city was destroyed!

Then we visited Zaccheus’ house (turned into a church, of course) and then around the corner to see the sycamore tree ( I’m a little skeptical on this). But EAGER to get back on our own buses and get away!


Friday, May 13th, 2011

Well up until now, my infant baptism had done me just fine!  But being baptized in the Jordan River was too special to pass up.  

About 2/3 of the group were immersed in cool running water where the Sea of Galilee empties into the Jordan. Special outfits, singing, 3 pastors, supportive friends, tears, wet hugs, photos, little fish, loud Alleluias…and then the commemorative gift shop!

Diamonds in Israel

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Leave it to Israel to process and distribute more than 1/2 the world’s diamonds.  Oh they don’t get mined here, DeBeers sends them here to be brokered for the best price around the world. Of course the bus took us to the wholesale mart where my dear sweet husband bought me a diamond and blue topaz ring in honor of our trip and 40th anniversary!  What a guy!

I Walked Today, Where Jesus Walked

Friday, May 13th, 2011

80% of the miracles occurred around the northern part of the Sea of Galilee, the ones that got written down at least. We visited the hillside where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, and Capernum ,which was where He and the guys made base camp. Saw the synogogue and Peter’s house. Went into the Golan Heights where huge quantities of water come out of the rocks and flows to the Jordan River. oh yeah, the camera battery ran out  🙁

On The Go

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

We are seeing so much it makes one’s head spin. Old testament, new testament, modern war site, etc and jumping all the time.

I’m keeping a log of where we go and what scripture mentions it, but commenting on everything would bore us all.  But today, I think going to the top of Mt. Carmel where Elijah  double-dared the priest of Baal to bring down fire and they couldn’t and then Elijah soaks his offering and God zaps the crap out of it. Did it for me. But it is because he did this overlooking the Jezreel Valley, otherwise known as Armageddon. It almost  looks like Tuscany with all the rolling hills and lush crops.  It’s a beautiful panorama, but kinda eerie too, to think it all ends here! 


Thursday, May 12th, 2011

First full day and it’s Memorial Day here followed by their Independence day, so every family is out. First, a day of  mourning with sirens for silence, flags, lots of troops out for protection and services to honor all who have lost their lives in any modern-times Israel war (and remember their days start at sundown). And then we enjoyed their Independence Day when they became an official country on May 10,1948 (and Steve’s exact birthday!)

We are all amazed at the number of Muslem cities and mosques in this country, and to find out that the West Bank is actually Samaria and on the west side of the river Jordan — smack dab in the middle of this country!!!!!

I feel like such a dummy, and it’s full of Palestinians and they want Israel to give it to them? Hellooooooo. They already gave them the Gaza. They are being picked to death by chickens with guns and minerets (don’t push Israel)!

Israel 2011

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

We have arrived and are being overwhelmed with the incredible sights.  Unfortunately we haven’t had internet for me to be current.

Tiberias, Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Nazareth, Samaria…

We (100 folks) invade (in 3 buses) and overwhelm an area, have some praise songs, some history, a little message from Pastor Ray Bentley and then back on the bus!

Two Old Goats

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

While college friends and sisters went and backpacked thru Europe when they were young, in 1971 we chose marriage, Vietnam, and family with the prospect of travel to happen when we launched the kids,the dog died, and the house was paid for.  Getting married at 21 & 23 meant we had mucho time to see the world! Wanna see God smile? tell Him your plans.

Though not on our timetable, the travel is happening and most of it is sweet!  The guy I fell for in “67 and married 40 years ago this 22 of May is back in my life and more like his ‘ol self when we are on the road.  We are getting along, defining new roles, really really appreciating this gift of time and travel together.

If I just didn’t miss the grandbabies so!!!!

Leaving Italy

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Well the  food is awesome, the wine is the best , and there are some pretty amazing sights, but it’s the people who have opened their homes and hearts to us that makes us want to return and spend so much time here.

This last week we have been in the home of Enirco and Angela and their sons Alberto and Davide (26 and 19). Sharing meals, sightseeing and just practicing their English to our Italian over lively discussions at the dinner table (or looking blank).

So now we are about to embark on our last leg.  Milan to Tel Aviv via Athens where we will be part of 100 or so coming from Rancho Bernardo on a 10 day tour of Israel. This is our 40th anniversary present to each other.

We get to Tel Aviv at 4am and get to enjoy the airport until the crowd arrives at 4pm and we can all get on the BUS!