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Snow Day

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

snowdebbieresizedSouthern California girl here and I LOVE watching, playing in, and just plain going crazy over snow!

And it has so many personalities.

There’s  the gritty stuff that comes at you like course sand. And there’s the sloppy, big wet flakes, and soft gentle feather-like snow.  

Got to experience a real blizzard and see a city close and hunker down. Never been in single digit temperatures and even those going negative with the wind.  

And it never stays more more than a day or two except for the snow-capped view of Pikes Peak.

Back in Action

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

daffodilsresizedIt feels like home to be among the folks at Focus on the Family here in Colorado Springs! They welcomed us back with lots of new projects and challenges. And we couldn’t do it without our friends, Wally and Pam Hasbrouck opening up their house for a WHOLE MONTH! Can you imagine house guests for that long?

So far, Steve is deeply entrenched  in creating spread sheets for all broadcasts in the archives. I am working in the Events Dept. recreating and organizing their decor. So far I have made over 120 silk arrangements in all four seasons. Tomorrow is a big banquet where I get to do fresh arrangements for 19 tables and the decorations for the hall. Monday I am teaching a floral class . Then back to the bookstore to  price incoming inventory. We love the variety, the other local volunteers, and the knowledge that we are doing jobs that get left behind because of the day to day hassles.

On the road again…