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Colorado Springs

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Down to Colorado Springs to spend the day at Focus on the Family, to spend the night at Glen Eyrie, home of the Navigators, and celebrate our 39th anniversary over  a Fondue dinner!

The Focus organization has grown to to an amazing world-wide outreach that Steve and I can say we have supported since practically since  the very beginning with our tithes.  I hang my hat on Dr. Dobson’s books for raising our kids.

The Navigators group arose from sailors sharing their faith. They have an awesome complex next door to the Garden of the Gods and we were so fortunate to find they had room for us in the castle.

From the Springs we drove up to  see Dave and Sandi Sunde in Louisville, Co. before heading to the airport!

Mud Season

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

We were graciously hosted by  Darlene and Chuck Kroll at their condo in the mountains near  Silverthorn . With snow covered peaks surrounding us, we took in the beauty  of the region and did a little driving, a little hiking, and a little sitting  by the fire with a book!

Breckingridge and Vail were not too far away and we  explored them also, but because it wasn’t winter for skiing, or summer for biking  and hiking, most everything was closed for Mud Season; the time when the  ground is just soggy with the snowmelt and spring rains.

I mean to tell you that shops, restaurants, and some roads were closed up tight!  So I had to spend time at the Outlets, darn.

Tea Time

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Elaine and I were thrilled to join my old college buddy, Pam Hasbrouck, on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Tour at their factory outside of Boulder. Pam has great roots in this state even though she spent most of her growing up days in Southern  California.  We were glad to have her as our guide.  Celestial Seasonings is a business that grew out of the hippie era, when the founders picked herbs at the foot of the rockies and stitched them up in fabric tea bags.  Today it is a huge operation!

When we first got there we signed up for the tour and were given a tea bag as our ticket. We were encouraged to sample any of their current 80 flavors.  We downed a few, had lunch in their colorful cafeteria, and then reported back for our tour. This place goes 25/7 and brings in ingredients from all over the world.  The gift shop was tea-riffic , and I bought several flavors I had not seen before (“Orange Zinger” makes a great ice tea). We went back to try even MORE flavors after the tour.

We took in the pedestrian walk in Boulder…also a hippie throwback, but the day was all about the tea and being together!

Rocky Mountain High

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Steve and I got to travel around Colorado (May 12-19) mostly on Pfizer’s dime. Cliff and Elaine Faille traveled out from North Carolina to join us for the convention in Denver, then we stayed on and reconnected with friends and toured an amazing state.

Colorado had not decided what season it was yet because we had hail, rain, snow, sunshine, thunder and lightning all in the same hour!