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Up, Up And Away!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

shuttle launchThe latest Shuttle launch was a success and clearly visible from alot of Florida. I asked around and was told the best viewing spot would be on the top of the parking structure at Universal Studios. Two boat rides, 4 moving sidewalks, 2 escalators and one set of steps later, I joined about 15 others on the vacant roof of the garage. We all saw an amazing sight as the rocket headed skyward ,precisely on time , and with its precious human cargo disappearing in the clouds.

I was exceptionally proud of myself and the little band of folk who took the time to make it important to be there. We can never become casual about anyone who puts their life in jeopardy for the betterment or advancement of all.

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Monday, November 16th, 2009

mosstreesWe have enjoyed the charm of Savannah, Georgia, despite the cold and rain brought by former hurricane “Ida”.

We are staying at an awesome B & B , East BayInn, where there are 28 rooms. We are on the top floor and our room is all brick with 20 foot ceilings, high bed with steps, sitting area, and view of town from the windows.

forestgumpWe took a trolley tour of Savannah to get an over-view, and made eating at “The Lady and Sons” restaurant a MUST. It is owned by  Paula Deen of Food Network fame.   She is quite a lady. 

There are 24 squares (parks) in the old city with  mansions and businesses surrounding each and they have a charm all of their own. Forest Gump wa filmed in Savannah and surrounds, so we went to the park where thre opening scene with Forest sitting at on the bench waiting for th bus…and the feather drifted down….remember??? Well here is my very own Forest and this trip indeed has been like a box of chocolates…that you never know what you’re gonna get!!

We Bein Charleston

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

carriagerideWhat a great and friendly city. The food is marvelous (had grits and fried green tomatoes at “Magnolias” last night, oh and some Pecan Pie too) Took a carriage ride around the old city pulled by mules…to get an overview of this place. The nice people at the visitor center helped us book a B&B “King George IV” ; a lovely room and parlor done  in red and black with lots of antiques and its own entrance. Today we took a boat out to Fort Sumter; the site of the first shots of the Civil War .We have really boned up on our southern history on this trip and have walked everywhere.   Currently, we await our turn at tropical storm “Ida” which is taking it’s time getting here…promising 2-4 inches of rain.

Outerbanks to Southport,N.C.

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

cliffandelaineThe entire east coast from Maine to Texas, has a  cluster of islands and jettys that keep the Atlantic from directly hitting the states. This region is called the outer banks. ( it gets the brunt of hurricanes, but had lovely beaches and lots of seasonal homes built on stilts) Names such as Nagshead, CapeHateras, Cape Fear, and Kitty Hawk are names associated with it. Kitty Hawk was really informative and the beginning of turning the world as people knew it around!( I have a really great photo of Steve next ot Orville Wright on a replica of the KittyHawk that is in re-sized cyperspace)

We were priviledged to enjoy the hospitality of Cliff and Elaine Faille, who have a new home (awesome eastern building techniques, and beautiful location in St. James) and boat (the “Y Knot”)  We spent the day on the inter-coastal waterway, and even tied up at a restaurant’s dock to have some great viddles. What a wonderful, happy time we had with these two crazy retired Pfizer Pholk.


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

armoniaWe had a great time at the Lodge at Williamsburg (and because of slow season, we were able to book at 1/2 price plus a $100 gift card that paid for two dinners!) Great weather, awesome folliage, and educational too! We heard the Declaration of Independence read aloud like I never heard it before. Fifes, drums, and a Glass Concert where all the instruments were made from crystal. The most amazing was the   Armonia, invented by Benjamin Franklin, and very popular in it’s day. It was the same principle as a wet finger around the glass only with glasses tuned and separated by corks and turned via a spinning wheel. (yes we bought a christmas CD of it)

The BIG 60

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

60I have been known to tease my “older” friends about me being younger….the south side of 60. So, when it came my turn to hit that landmark number, I thought I would sneak out of town, and no one be the wiser.  Could I get away with it? Nooooooooooooooo. A heavy package was delivered bright and early on the big day FULL of cards, gifts, and jabs at making the big turn into this new decade. To Betty, Andy, and Nikki…and all their other partners in crime, thank you, thank you! It’s great to feel loved. many nice things said and special thoughts shared. The birthday I sought to avoid became the blessing I will never forget!!!!!!!!

Monumental Night!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


We spent the evening of Nov. 2, touring the capitol with Joan and her friend Doris at night. It was a gorgeous evening and a whole different take on all the monuments. The moon was awesome, and the line up of monuments (Capitol,Washington,Lincoln, Iwo Jima, WWII) was pretty amazing. What a great end to a wonderful day and time in D.C.


Raking It All In

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

DSC04052When our friends, Joan and Ralph,left for a wedding out of state, we were left to our own devices at their home overnight. We spied the carpet of leaves on their lawn and thought “What Fun!”. Four hours later,we were cured. But it was pretty awesome.  They promised if we return this winter, to save us some snow!!