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I Love Autumn

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

The colors surrounding the country’s capitol are amazing! I know that for someone it means raking and scooping, but for me it is pure joy!WashingtonDC 065

Chasing Dan Brown

Monday, October 26th, 2009

WashingtonDC 039Today we ventured out and hit 3 Americon icons. First the Supreme Court, then the Capitol with its new visitors’ center, and then the Library of Congress (new to me).

The Supreme Court is awe inspiring, and not as great a room as you would expect, tho’ the edifice if humbling. There is a basketball court above the Court Chambers and a workout room, and THAT is the highest court in the land.

We were very lucky with a slow monday, as we were able to cross the street and get a Capitol tour without waiting. Very inspiring and also a clue from my book…..

Then the Library of Congress where we saw a Gutenberg Bible, the Jefferson Library and a couple more clues.

This silly book, The Lost Symbol, is a fun read and makes the capital have another dimension. If you read Angels and Demons, it was all about Rome and was fun to chase after when we were there.

Capitol Idea!!!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

WashingtonDC 025We traveled across the Delaware Bay  on a car ferry.  It was a very inclimate crossing, and yes, I lost my lunch over the side.  Never throw up into the wind!  We have made our way down to our nation’s capitol. We are amazed to see our national monuments once again in all their incredible glory.

Sunday we went to church to hear my cousin Jeff sing and play the sax, as well as a visiting acapella choir from N. Carolina, who were all amazing. Then we did some walking around the area and sighted some of the key spots in Dan Browns latest novel, The Lost Symbol. ( I am trying to visit all the places he mentions in the book) We found the 33rd Masonic Temple….amazing edifice. Then on to the National Cathedral for another service and to check another site off my list. After all the televised church services from there, I finally got to visit it. It is the third largest Cathedral in the world after the Vatican and Notre Dame.

Buie Cousins

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

What a joy to be in Stone Harbor, N.J. and be able to gather with 5 of the 10 Buie cousins. We have not seen some of each other since 1969 and before. We range in age (gulp) from 70 to 59 of those you see here, but our time together reflected much younger spirits! And with all of our visiting, it certainly reminded us of the 5 sibling Buie’s who were the true originals! (and our parents) Carolyn and Jeff Serfass, Debbie and Steve Morales, Kathy Bauer, Linda Kress, Don Serfass and Siddy Serfass on the end. Cousins are Jeff,Debbie,Kathy,Linda,and Don!

Buie Cousins

Rocky Balboa: Philadlephia Icon

Monday, October 19th, 2009

DSC03825In 1983 ,with the advent of the first of many  “Rocky” movies, a statue of Stallone, (as the character Rocky Balboa,) was placed atop the art museum steps. It stood for many things, but most of all triumph over great odds.  But the city fathers decided, in 2007,that the statue was not art and was moved from the top of the steps with its view of the city, to a grassy mound at the bottem right of the steps. The steps, still a challenge to ascend, are still the site of people and athletes using them to represent their own victories, and many are seen posing in the “Rocky- the victor-pose.”

Reading Marketplace

Monday, October 19th, 2009

DSC03821I tasted the ultimate – the Macaroni and Cheese at Delilah’s in the Reading Marketplace. Oprah rates it #1, and it was pretty good tho’ pricey. ($5 for a dixie cup) Steve had a Phillie Cheesesteak. The Marketplace is indoors and been on this spot since before the birth of our country.  Good eats!

Phreezing In Phillie

Monday, October 19th, 2009

peoplemagPhiladelphia; City of Brotherly Love – not judging by our first taxicab driver. And don’t think that pedestrians have the right of way either!  The seasons are starting to change, but not as far along as I thought they would be, tho’ our time in the countryside has been minimal .  The cold and rain of the first few days have just served to remind us how challenging , and fun honest to goodness weather can be. Steve has had to put in 9hour days working the Rheumatology Convention(20thousand attendees) while I get to play. I went to Constitution Hall and enjoyed a live presentation of “We the People” and other displays. And then I did the female thing, and went to the Princess Diana exhibit…her dresses and bridal gown,etc.  It was the reliving of a tragic fairy tale. Lots of walking and then an evening with the senior Wilts. The city has Phillie Phever too! Great Phun!!DSC03836

Hurrah For Hollywood

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009


Back on the road;  this time to Hollywood, California. Steve was covering a convention for Pfizer …. Our hotel was right under the Hollywood sign, and right down the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theater and all the footprints of the stars. That seemed to be the headquarters for all things weird, and tours and Wax Museaum etc.  I did the typical “tourist” thing and took a tour of the stars homes, Madam Taussauds Wax Museum, and just people watching. Gail and Carl joined us….that’s her accosting Spiderman. Fun and Funky!